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Marine energy and infrastructure services

Industry-leading products and services for the renewable, nearshore construction and oil and gas sectors across all phases of the lifecycle.

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Applying Domain Expertise and Value Engineering

Specialising in data collection and survey techniques, construction, installation of foundation and anchoring technologies, the monitoring and management of assets and decommissioning.

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Measurable commercial and environmental benefits that result in a smaller carbon footprint or methods that support the renaturalisation of the seabed.

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Turbines out to sea

Acteon drives down costs for operators by optimising design and installation activities and improving scheduling and resource utilisation. We have the expertise to support the development of large structures in deep water, including floating installations. And provide baseline environmental surveys so that projects can establish appropriate controls for environmental protection.

The plant at night.

Acteon has supported the oil and gas industry for decades by delivering cost efficiencies and project timeline savings on large and complex projects in all water depths. Our services include pre-development and front-end-engineering, development drilling services, foundations, moorings, production asset installation, asset integrity monitoring and management, field life extension and decommissioning.

Drilling and Pile installation services

Acteon provides nearshore construction services for marine facilities; these range from geophysical and geotechnical surveys and engineering services to piledriving, foundation work and mooring. Our integrated solutions and domain knowledge help customers to reduce project footprints, increase efficiency, and significantly lower the total cost of infrastructure construction and installation.

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Acteon is at the forefront of the offshore industry’s drive to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency. The goal of the Acteon Integrated Solutions (AIS) team is to define and develop targeted integrated offerings within each industry we serve to allow clients to overcome unresolved challenges associated with asset ownership across all phases of the lifecycle.

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Installing the future.

Acteon drives down costs by optimising design and installation activities, and improving scheduling and resource utilisation. We support the development of large structures in deep water, including floating installations, and provide baseline environmental surveys.

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Featured product: SEPLA

The SEPLA (Suction Embedded Plate Anchor) is a pioneering design that combines two proven concepts: suction piles and plate anchors. In use on several floating energy projects in the world, the SEPLA is perfect for all sites that need suction pile precision placement and geotechnical efficiency at a lower cost of material and with a much smaller environmental footprint.

Watch SEPLA in action
  • 30%

    less steel than a suction anchor

  • 60%

    of the carbon impact reduced



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